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Desarrollos Tecnologicos Bando, S.L., was founded in 1960 in the town "Dos Hermanas" (Seville), being devoted to producen and commercialization of machinery and equipment goods for the processing and canning of products for the feeding, with special dedication on the sector of vegetables conserves, being leaders specialist in machinery processing, and canning table olives.

Our secure production and service guarantee the most demanding levels in quality, marketing our machinery in countries of the European Union, (France, Italy or Greece, Portugal…), or countries like Argentina, Australia, USA, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Turkey; as well as countries of the south basin of the Mediterranean (Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Syrian, Tunisia, Israel, etc…) 
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Carretera Nacional IV, Km 555 Tfno (+34) 95 472 08 51 - Fax 95 566 88 72 DOS HERMANAS 41700 (Sevilla) España